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Let’s Just Let go

Baggage, we all have had or will have some. We all want to get rid of old habits or things that just wear us down. Study the lyrics of tonight’s playlist and you’ll find out we have discovered a way to just let go. Bury the past create the future and let’s celebrate new beginnings as we discover the great big world. Big thanks to the folks who e-mailed in requests this week . We got to some old requests as well after a long interview with Cindy Muir during last week’s show. Look forward to all of you tuning in at 7PM CDT . Requests and comments  to [email protected].

Track Listing:

  1. Beach in Heaven – The Detentions
  2. It All Starts to Rum Together – Aaron Scherz
  3. Guitar Island – Don Middlebrook
  4. A Better Life – Greg Dillard
  5. This Beer Is Making Me Awesome – Donny Brewer
  6. Far Side of the World – Jimmy Buffett
  7. Piece of Paradise (Live) – The Peter Mayer Group
  8. I’m a Pirate – Erica Sunshine Lee
  9. Off the Grid – Jeff and the Camaros
  10. Living in the Real L.A.  – Bob Durand
  11. Saltwater Cowboy – Thom Shepherd
  12. Give Me the Keys – Cabana Dogs

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