Photo Courtesy of Ed Schipul/Flickr
Photo Courtesy of Ed Schipul/Flickr

When you need to escape the reality you created by sticking you foot in your mouth one too many times then let the Gulf Coast Cowboy Hour help you out. The group of songs tonight are geared toward helping  you get out of Life’s little jams and giving you answers to some very basic questions. Ever wonder how to cruise the sea without getting sea sick? Ever wonder how to change your attitude without leaving the barstool? We answer all the deep am mysterious questions in life during this one hour soiree into our brains… Tune in to KBEC on Wednesday, May 11th at 7pm!

Track Listing

  1. Stupid People – Dave McKenney
  2. Show Me The Way To Go Home – Jimmy & The Parrots
  3. Bar Time and Island Time – Sunny Jim White
  4. Ship Happens!! – A1A
  5. I Wish I Owned An Island (That could Travel The Sea) – Don Middlebrook and Living Soul
  6. Bait Shop Beauty – Alternate Route
  7. Margarita M.A.F.I.A. – Troy Allan
  8. I Heard I Was In Town – Jimmy Buffett
  9. What Happens In Key West – The Tapwater Conchs
  10. Beachin’ – Jake Owen
  11. Parrotheads In Cowboy Boots – J. Michael Laferty
  12. Callin’ In Gone – The Boat Drunks
  13. Latitudes and Attitudes – Eric Stone

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