Photo courtesy of Bobby Hidy/Flickr
Photo courtesy of Bobby Hidy/Flickr

There are days when we get to kick the “peanut” we call Life and then there are days the peanut won’t move an inch. This week’s Gulf Coast Cowboy Show is dedicated to helping you deal with that  “peanut” we call life and helping you cope with all the insanity of jobs, bills, relationships, and just dealing with the ups and downs. Let’s agree to take a deep breath and just kick it back… what ya say…. Tune in to KBEC Wednesday, May 18th at 7pm. 

Track Listing

  1. Everyone Matters (One Human Family) – Don Middlebrook & The Pearl Divers
  2. Sol Searching – Scott Kirby
  3. Trapped In Paradise Again – Greg Dillard
  4. Parrotheads Together We Fly – Jimi Pappas
  5. Lucky Man – Mike Broward
  6. No Gas, No Motor, No Problem – Gene Mitchell
  7. Port ‘A’ Saturday Night – Jerry Diaz & Hanna’s Reef
  8. Where The Boat Leaves From – Zac Brown and Jim
  9. Guitars and Fishing Poles – Steven Youngblood
  10. Gone With The Wind – Southern Drawl Band
  11. Just Give Me The Keys – Rob Mehl
  12. More Palm Trees – Rick Steffen
  13. Everyday’s A Saturday – The Mango Men

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