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Out of the Grind and Back to the Hammock

The grind can take us down paths we truly hate. On each and every Wednesday night to celebrate making ½ way through the grind we celebrate the getaway. Some people call it music. Some prefer therapy. Any way you look at it we want it to end up in a hammock. Cold adult beverage in hand and the ability to let the music take you to nowhere. Enjoy the playlist and drop us a note if there is a song you long to hear.

Track Preview

  1. Tropical Fool – The Coconut Band
  2. Gone With the Wind – Eric Stone
  3. Redneck Yacht Club – Thom Shepherd
  4. Knee Deep (feat. Jimmy Buffett) – Zac Brown Band
  5. Buffett on the Radio – Tropix
  6. Waiting On the Boat – Kelly Brown
  7. Cats Of Hidalgo Street – Sunny Jim White
  8. Modern Day Sailor – Rick Lamb and The Phin Addicts
  9. Watersongs – MJ Wicker
  10. White Sand, Warm Sun And Salty H2O – Mark Mulligan
  11. Long Time No Sea – Kelly McGuire
  12. My Hammock’s Ties At Both Ends – KD More
  13. Southern Cross – Jimmy Buffett

Video Preview

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