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The calendar reads May 1st. Does your body think about Summer being right around the corner? Probably not, you are just worrying how the paycheck is going to cover this month’s bill and whether you have enough gas in the vehicle to make to the next payday. Well, we are here to help with part of that situation. The Gulf Coast Cowboy Show this week is geared to provide you with mental relief and mindless entertainment. Tune in 7 pm CDT for an hour of forgetfulness.

Track Listing

  1. This Is the Summer – Mack Meadows
  2. No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problem – Kenny Chesney
  3. Sandy Toed Beach Bum Life – Erik Pietsch
  4. A Pirate Looks At 40 – Don Middlebrook
  5. Fruitcakes – Jimmy Buffett
  6. Richest Man in the World  – Dennis McCaughey and Tropical Soul
  7. Parrothead Girl – John Friday
  8. Long Way to Mexico – Roger Creager
  9. Kiss MY A1A – Sheree Cade
  10. I Wanna Touch The Sun – Sonny Russell & The Tropics
  11. My Johnson – Southern Drawl Band –

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