A Covid-19 Kick Back Hour

Waves courtesy James flickr

It’s time to kick back, forget about Covid-19 for a while and let’s go celebrate with some great music. What do you say to joining us for an hour dedicated to having a good time and celebrating the OCEAN, the WAVES and forgetting about life for a while. Join the show at 7PM CDT and drop us a line if you have any requests at [email protected], please include where you live so we can include that in the shout out to you.

Track Preview

  1. Margarita Monday – Wayne Sinclair
  2. Down In Belize – Jerry Jeff Walker
  3. Waves (feat. Doyle Grisham) – Aaron Scherz
  4. Last Boat to Cuba – Roger Bartlett & John Frinzi
  5. The keys Disease – Captn Jac
  6. My Heart’s in Cayo Hueso – Flip Flip Dave
  7. Guitar Island – Don Middlebrook
  8. My Jukebox at the Beach – Brent Burns
  9. Highly Recreational Man – Jerry Powell
  10. Stars on the Water – George Strait
  11. Sip It Slow – Jeff Dayton
  12. Tropical Depression – j. michael laferty

Video Preview



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