Photo courtesy of Ken Teegardin

The masterminds of KBEC threw out the suggestion to find “Paradise” in our Gulf Coast Cowboy music. Well, we took them to heart and found a whole bunch of songs on that topic.  We going to take you to Paradise for the one hour a week you give us out of your busy schedule. Tune in and let us take you away…..

Track Listing

  1. Come Down to Paradise – Jerry Diaz & Hanna’s Reef
  2. Paradise – Howard Livingston & Miller Marker 24
  3. Another Day In Paradise – Hugo Duarte
  4. Paradise – Dani Hoy
  5. Beach Separation Anxiety – Alan Reed
  6. The Other Side of the Island – The Bamboozlers
  7. Island Paradise – Mark Merritt & Sievert Ahrend
  8. Another Day in Paradise – Southern Drawl Band
  9. Beach Bitt Therapy – Steve Bowles
  10. Back to Belize – Swim Skinny
  11. Chasing the Sun –  Tim Charron
  12. Surfers Paradis – Adrian Baker

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