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With the Texas temperatures beginning to soar, it’s time to think about chillin’ out. We are determined to give you a playlist that will relieve the heat. All the songs have one common theme this week and that would be forgetting about life and finding your mental happy place. We hope you enjoy this week’s Gulf Coast Cowboy Show and can join us every Wednesday night as we explore the laid-back life. Drop us an e-mail at [email protected] if there is something you want us to play or have an idea for a playlist.

Track Listing

  1. Sell Your Stuff Keep the Dog Live On an Island – Howard Livingston & the Mile Marker 24 Band
  2. This Place Is My Home – Scott Kirby
  3. Hammock in the Keys – Southbound
  4. Island Time – Southern Drawl Band
  5. People Are Crazy – Billy Currington
  6. Blame It On Buffett – Alternate Route
  7. Gentlemen of Leisure – Jimmy Buffett
  8. Sunburned – The Detentions
  9. Shoveling Sunshine – You and me on a Beach Towel
  10. If Tequila Won’t Do It – Dennis McCaughey and Tropical Soul

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