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One of the best music fests each year occurs during the last week of April and the first week of May in New Orleans as the Fairgrounds there transform from Horse track to music venue. Six very large tents allow multiple musicians to play simultaneously. Your choice could be gospel, rock, soul, trop rock or maybe a little zydeco. To celebrate this event we selected some of the artists who have played there throughout the years. Hope you enjoy our celebration. Tune in Wednesday at 7pm to follow the party.

Track Listing

  1. Hang With Jimmy Buffett – Allen Toussaint
  2. Sail Away – Key West
  3. A Parrothead Looks At 40 – Flip Flop Dave
  4. Just Came Down for the Weekend – Mark Mulligan
  5. Down at Sloppy Joes – Rick Steffen
  6. Hammock in the Keys – Southbound
  7. Nowhere But Texas – Steve Helms Band
  8. Knee Deep (feat. Jimmy Buffett) – Zac Brown Band
  9. Redneck Yacht Club – Thom Shepherd
  10. Padre Island Time – Trip Hunt
  11. Blame It On New Orleans – Mac McAnally
  12. Son of a Son of a Sailor – Nadirah Shakoor
  13. What Were We Thinkin’, What Were We Drinkin’ – Jimmy and the Parrots

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