Let’s work on figuring out how to create more “laid back” time and a whole lot less working time. Figuring out a way to eliminate worry, chasing the almighty dollar, and forgetting all the political babble should be the goal of every playlist created for the Gulf Coast Cowboy show. Wednesday nights are no exception. Join us for an hour of being totally mindless.  If you like what you hear and find yourself enjoying the music, tell a friend, let us know what you like, and let’s make the music part of our cleansing of the mind!

Track Preview

  1. A Sailors Song – David Philips
  2. Richest Man in the World – Dennis McCaughey and Tropical Soul
  3. I’ve got a Margarita with My Name on It – Jonas Lorence
  4. Backroad of Texas – The Bois d Arcs – The Bois D Arcs
  5. Guitars and Tiki Bars – Kenny Chesney
  6. A Little Less Beer on the Island – The Detentions
  7. Dancing on the Island – Gary James Moeller
  9. Island Song – Zac Brown Band
  10. Back Where I come from (Live) – Mac McAnally
  11. Our Beach Town – Don Middlebrokked
  12. Meeting of the Minds – Coley McCabe
  13. I Wanna Be Like Jimmy Buffett – TJ Walsh

Video Preview

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