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When The Night Gets Long.

Have you ever been out past midnight and needed that special song to just kind wrap up the night’s activities? We searched the playlists and songs in the KBEC archives trying to find such ballads. The list was rather extensive so we used some of your suggestions and requests to narrow down the view. Here is our best shot of songs that celebrate life after midnight. We also added a tribute and spotlight focus on Sunny Jimmy White ½ way through the playlist.

Track Listing

  1. Beaches Are Empty – Gary Seiler
  2. I’ve Got a Margarita With My Name On It – Jonas Lorence
  3. One Beach At a Time – Parrot Island Band
  4. Two A.M. – Joe Moorehead
  5. Vacation Location – Sam L Rainwater
  6. Bar Time And Island Time – Sunny Jim White
  7. Splendid Adventurer – James Sunny Jim White
  8. Redneck Yacht Club – Thom Shepherd
  9.  Back Where I Come From – Mac McAnally
  10. Beach Please – Kevin Fowler
  11. Show Me the Way to go Home – Jimmy & The Parrots
  12. Parrot Heads In Cowboy Boots – J. Micheal Laferty
  13. Beer Drinkers and Sail Raisers – Hanna’s Reef

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