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We are going to mix it up this week with some new artists, traditional country folks who sing of the beach, margaritas and sunshine then we’ll toss it in the Gulf Coast Cowboy blender and see what comes out. Should be a lot of fun! Wednesday at 7pm, tune in, use the App or just stream the whole show. The hour is sure to help you make it through the week. Celebrating hump day the only way to guarantee you forget Thursday!

Track Listing

  1. The Pascagoula Run – Jimmy Buffett
  2. Somewhere Between Austin and Calgary – Ricky Sprague
  3. Jamaica Farewell – Harry Belafonte
  4. Redneck Yacht Club – Thom Shepherd
  5. Under the Caribbean Stars – Carl Page
  6. Tropically Impaired – Webb and Davidson
  7. The Other Side of the Island – The Bamboozlers
  8. Carolina Shore (feat. Chris Miller) – The Carnival Band
  9. Small Town – Brooke Graham
  10. Paradise – Don Pietz & Danny Taddei
  11. Chasing the Sun – Tim Charron
  12. Senorita Margarita – Tim McGraw
  13. Sailboat For Sale (feat. Jimmy Buffett) – Toby Keith

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