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Well if you are reading these playlist notes know we appreciate your interest in the Gulf Coast Cowboy show and want to wish you and your family, friends, and those gathering with you on Thanksgiving a glorious time. Hope no sand ends up in your turkey. Hope the gravy tastes exquisite rather than like seaweed. No fights or drama during the party. Enjoy each moment.

Now onto this week’s song. We picked some tunes to add to your memory of this long weekend and hopefully some that get you started early on the celebration.

Track Listing

  1. Too Much Beer in the Fridge – Bryton Stoll
  2. Railroad Lady (feat. Jimmy Buffett) – Jerry Jeff Walker
  3. Howlin at the Gulf Coast Moon – Jack Mosley
  4. Parrothead Lawn Party – Percy Abell
  5. Captain Morgan Mourning – Steve Webb
  6. Change the World – Erica Sunshine Lee
  7. Magic Chair – John Reno & The-Half-Fast Creekers
  8. Baby on Bayou – Ty Thurman
  9. Top Rock Queen – John McDonald
  10. Nautical Man – Kelly McGuire
  11. Sunset – Roger Bartlett
  12. I see Paradise – Rick Lamb and The Phin Addicts
  13. Maybe Mahana – Mike Broward

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