Photo courtesy of Mike Willis/Flickr
Photo courtesy of Mike Willis/Flickr

When the world gets a little politically whacky you need to have a plan to deal with the madness. No need to take to the streets, no need to give up the house and move to another country, unless of course there is a beach in your future. We help you deal with all the turmoil, strive and basic crazies by celebrating another week and taking the hiatus to a far off land known as the Gulf Coast. Come celebrate with us on KBEC 1390 at 7pm, Wednesday, November 30th. 

Track Listing

  1. Sell Your Stuff, Keep the Dog, Live on an Island – Howard Livingston & Mile Marker 24
  2. My Retirement Plan – Mike Broward
  3. Drill Baby Drill – Jack Mosley
  4. Land of No Mondays – Jim Morris
  5. Waste Another Day – The Flip Flop Boys
  6. When They Cut You Off at Nippers – Barefoot Man
  7. Labrador Logic – John Reno
  8. I Think I’m Going Blonde – Brent Burns
  9. If I Had a Hammock – Captain Josh
  10. When Life is Floundering (It’s Time to Go Fishin’) – Dennis Davis
  11. Living Like a Pirate (feat. Amy M) – Jambo Joe Bones
  12. I Will Play For Gumbo – Jimmy Buffett
  13. Where the Palm Trees Grow – Jimmy and the Parrots

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