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As the Fall season takes over the Summertime we begin to realize sunlight is fading away faster and faster. The time to live for sunsets is now. Nothing better than watching that big white ball in the sky turn to orange and red as it sinks below the horizon and turns the sky into a light show like none other on this earth. We found some songs that capture that moment but also celebrate that other celestial body the moon. It does a pretty good job of shelling out some rays on its own. Ok,  well technically it reflects the sun but why is playing astronomer while listening to Gulf Coast Cowboy anyway. Enjoy the show and we’ll even try and wake you up by the end of it as we celebrate morning too!

Tune in 7PM CDT and keep the requests coming!


Track Listing

  1. Corona Sunset – Mark Mulligan
  2. Counting Sunsets – The Caribbean Cowboys
  3. Hurricane Sunsets, Tequila Sunrise  – Sam Rainwater
  4. Sunsets – Jimi Pappas
  5. Panhandle Sunset – Luke Olson
  6. When the Sun Goes Down – Kenny Chesney featuring Uncle Kracker
  7. Sail to the Moon – Joe Drowning
  8. Moonlight Tropical Breeze – Glen Mock & The Tropical Dreamers
  9. Cozumel Moon – Alternate Route
  10. Another Margarita Morning – Cory Young

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