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What else would you do when the weather turns to yuck?  Tune in and turn it up for the Gulf Coast Cowboy show as we take you away from the rain, cold and nasty nights. Celebrate the mid-week tradition of sitting back, chillin’ and visiting your favorite beach bar as we take your body, mind, and soul to faraway lands. The best one hour escape of the week can be found every Wednesday night at 7pm CDT. Tune in, use the APP or stream it from your computer or phone but whatever you do don’t miss the fun and excitement of another GULF Coast Cowboy show. You can always add to the fun by sending us a request at [email protected]. Thanks for listening!


Track Listing

  1. Colder Weather – Zac Brown Band
  2. Working on my Tan – Bob Karwin
  3. The Weather is Here, Wish You Were Beautiful – Jimmy Buffett
  4. Beach Chillin – Dave Burks & Jud4Fun Board
  5. Sunshine State of Mind (Radio Version) – Randy Moore
  6. Sand Therapy – Barefoot Reggie Starrett
  7. Meet Me in Corpus – Larry Joe Taylor
  8. (Nothing Like A ) Sunny Day – Mac McAnally
  9. Beach Please – Kevin Fowler
  10. Guitars and Tikii Bars  – Kenny Chesney
  11. Air Sunshine – Jambo Joe Bones
  12. Back to the Islands – Hugo Durate
  13. Beach Fix – Brent Burns

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