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Think Islands!

When you, our wonderful listeners, give us a topic for the playlist it always brings out our creative juices, or in this case our sandy creations. A listener emailed and asked for Island songs. The playlist scanner popped up 37 such songs and that only was the ones with the word “island” in the title. We decided to add some latitude to the request and found some great entries on rehabilitating on the island, beach or maybe just under the sun. So with those parameters in place we submitted the computer to one more search and ‘viola’ (behold) the list we present to you at 7PM CDT on Wednesday, October 2, 2019.  And you thought we just made this stuff up!

Track Listing

  1. Guitar Island – Don Middlebrook
  2. Back To The Island – Leon Russell
  3. Island Time – Larry Joe Taylor
  4. Kickin’ It Island Style – KD Moore & ‘Fingers’ Taylors
  5. Island Time – Donny Brewer
  6. Seahabilitation – Cory Young
  7. Beer Can Island – Matt Billor
  8. The Island Song – Marshall Chapman
  9. Our Last Day On the Beach – Martin Arthor Nickel
  10. Island Paradise – Mark Merritt & Sievert Ahrend
  11. Beach House on a Small Island – Mango Island Sound
  12. Island Bound Party Flight – Mack Meadows
  13. Island Standard Time – Loren Davidson

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