Some New Exploration

We went looking for some old songs, new songs, fun songs, party songs and even some downright crazy songs. Here’s the list we came up for this week’s celebration for making it to “hump day’ and beyond. Let us know what you think of this playlist by dropping us a line at [email protected].

Track Preview

  1. Taste Just Like Vacation – Thom & Coley
  2. It Seemed Like a Good Idea At the Time – Joe Bennett
  3. Perfect Trop Rock Song  – Michael Eric
  4. Ship Happens!! – A1A
  5. Rum Is a Many Blendered Thing  – The Coconut Boat Band
  6. Life is Better in Flip Flops – Tiki Thom Starkey
  7. Island Town – Troy Powers
  8. Girl With a Fishing Rod – Kelly Parkes
  9. Volcano – Jimmy Buffett
  10. I Lobster But Never Flounder – John Reno & The Half-Fast Creekers
  11. Kiss You in the Keys (feat. John Patti) – Johnny Russler & The Beach Bum Band
  12. Beachfront Town – Larry Joe Taylor
  13. Backroads of Texas – The Bois d’ Arcs

Video Preview

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