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Listening to the Lyrics and Celebrating

We actually listen to the songwriters words. Most people will tell you they like the beat of a song or the tempo but few really listen to any and every word. To us the story is the key, it can break your heart, take you off to faraway lands or just make you forget about Wednesday nights. This week’s playlist is some of our favorite lyrics, listen closely and enjoy the different trips.

Track Listing

  1. Fair Winds Calm Seas – Mack Meadows
  2. Two Beaches – Cory Young
  3. Tastes Just Like Vacation – Thom & Coley
  4. This Beer Is MakingMe Awesome – Donny Brewer
  5. Ain’t Too Hard to Please – John Russel & The Beach Bum Band
  6. Corpus Christi Bay – Robert Earl Keen
  7. Fish Fry – The COPA Reef Band
  8. Sunshine & Blues – Kristie Jackson
  9. Island Hopping – AI Mosier
  10. Time to Fly – Eric Stone
  11. Just a Wannabe – Kelly McGuire
  12. Pour Me a Vacation – Pete Harris
  13. Two Steppin’ In Flip Flops – The COPA Reefer Band
  14. Songs You Know By Heart – PHINS

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