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We love it when you, our valued listeners send in requests or ask us if we have heard of new artists. This year has been especially fun with our good friends at A1A radio providing us with numerous musicians and their new musical releases. We put together a playlist that highlights the new songs added to our playlist this year. The song could have been around a while we simply are slow on the uptake with some of the musicians and their collaborations.  Thanks for the suggestions and we are highlighting our favorites during the Gulf Coast Cowboy show Wednesday, October 24th.

Track Listing

  1. Peace Love and Sandy Feet – Mack Meadows
  2. Smiling It All Away – Bert and Sassy
  3. Beach Chillin – Dave Burks & Jus4Fun Band
  4. Feeling Port Aransas – Phil Pritchett
  5. Under the Caribbean Stars – Carl page
  6. Time to go Find and Island – MJ Wicker
  7. The Tiki Bar is Open – John Hiatt
  8. Where the Current Takes Me – Mike McEnery and the Jumbo Shrimp Band
  9. Nothin’ but Sun – Jake and The Half Conched Band
  10. Tropical Illusion – Ty Thurman
  11. Coconut Tree – Kenny Chesney
  12. My Favorite Spot – Southern Drawl Band
  13. My Wave Allen Wronko

Video Previews

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