Photo courtesy of Rod Waddington/Flickr
Photo courtesy of Rod Waddington/Flickr

This week we learn from the sailors. The trips out on the ocean can help provide insight, delight and all kinds of “life lessons” for those of us stuck on the shoreline, staring out at the horizon. The Gulf Coast Cowboy Hour is dedicated to bringing the memories ashore and the insights into our limited brain cells. Sit back, listen, enjoy and always CHILL ! 

 Thanks to Sarah Rhodes this week for sitting in and captaining this voyage.

Track Listing

  1. Son of a Son of a Sailor – Jimmy Buffett
  2. Coulda Woulda Shoulda – Greezy Joe and the Cheap and Easy Band
  3. Beer Drinkers and Sail Raisers – Hanna’s Reef
  4. I Want To Sail – Paul Roush
  5. All Hands On Deck – Rick Lamb and the Phin Addicts
  6. Advice from an Old Sailor – Don Middlebrook and the Pearl Divers
  7. Party ‘Til My Ship Comes In – Rick Steffen
  8. Sailing to Road Town – Steve Tolliver
  9. Southern Cross – Eric Stone
  10. The Sailboat Race – Jim Morris
  11. Soul of a Sailor – The Conch Fritters
  12. Daddy Was a Sailor – Paul Roush

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