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The Crazies are in Key West for Meeting of the Minds

It’s that week. The Trop Rock Musicians descend upon Key West and mingle with the tourists celebrating “meeting of the Minds” . Concerts will be played, rum will be consumed and the night air will fill with steel drums, guitars, harmonicas, bass, and saxophones. It is a magical time to be on the Island. Anyone who claims to love music should put this week on your bucket list and preparing your body for the adventure. We will try our best to give you a fell for the many different bands, singer/songwriters and just downright great musicians that make this an awesome time to be on the Rock we know as Key West!

Track Listing

  1. Guitars and Flip Flops – Glen Mock & The Tropical Dreamers
  2. Key West Blue – Erica Sunshine Lee
  3. Party Til My Ship Comes In – Rick Steffen
  4. Nothing Tastes Like a Friday – The Detentions
  5. Bar On A Beach – Jambo Joe Bones
  6. Kickin’ It Island Style – KD Moore & ‘Fingers” Taylor
  7. Old Key West – Leo Dean
  8. Sandy Toed Bech Bum Life – Erik Pietsch
  9. Very Tropical – Martin Arthur Nickel
  10. Banana Pancakes – Nicky Fabbz
  11. Go Key West – Young Rebel Goombas
  12. Rum Is a Many Blended Thing – The Coconut Boat Band
  13. Coconut Radio – Coconut Radio
  14.  Guitar Island – Don Middlebrook
  15. Latitudes & Attitudes – Eric Stone

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