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Songs Even Ken Will Know

Let’s see if Ken can get you through a night with” Buffett and Marley “ and a “Beach in Heaven”.  The playlist has a little bit of Texas, a lot of familiarity and some great songs to celebrate kickin’ it back and chillin’. We are making it easy on the programmer and giving him the songs we love. Enjoy the show and let us know if you have any suggestions at [email protected].

Track Listing

  1. Hill Country Here I Come – Tommy Alverson
  2. Beach in Heaven – The Detentions
  3. Key Largo – Bertie Higgins
  4. Swimmin’ In Sunshine – Billy Currington
  5. Stars on the Water – George Strait
  6. Southern Cross – Eric stone
  7. Guitar Island – Don Middlebrook
  8. Come Monday – Jimmy Buffett
  9. Pontoon – Little Big Town
  10. Somewhere Between Texas and Mexico – Pat Green
  11. A Pirate Looks at Forty – Roger Creager
  12. My Johnson – Southern Drawl Band
  13. Cowboy Boots & Bathin’ Suits – Jerry Jeff Walker

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