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Never ones to get too profound in the middle of the week, we organizers of the Gulf Coast Cowboy show are trying to take on a serious topic this midweek. You can’t create more time. So how do you maximize the wasting of the time that you got? Our thoughts are pretty simple on this matter. Find a beach. Play more golf. Find more time for drinking beer. Always listen to more music and our favorite thing to do with time, simply let the good times Roll.  Thanks for tuning in at 7 pm CDT. Be prepared to waste an Hour with us and enjoy!

Track Listing

  1. Beach Time – J. Micheal Laferty
  2. Bar Time And Island Time  – Sunny Jim White
  3. Time To let It Fly – Jake Trout And The Flounders
  4. Time to Go Find and Island – MJ Wicker
  5. 24 Hours at a Time – Marshall Tucker Band
  6. Time Loves a Hero (feat. Jimmy Buffett) – Little Feat
  7. More Time Drinking Beer – Thorn Shepherd
  8.  Padre Island Time – Trip Hunt
  9. Overtime Play – Ty Thurman
  10. Island Time – Steven Youngblood
  11. Time For A Change – Jake and The Half Conched Band
  12. Let The Good  Times Roll – Jerry Diaz & Hanna’s Reef
  13. It Seemed Like a Good Idea At the Time – Joe Bennett

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