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We Picked Our Favorite Drinking Songs

Well, listeners, you asked us last week in your e-mail requests to pick our favorite drinking songs and we are up to the challenge. Now understand one thing, we picked this list based on very strict criteria, You have one quarter left and the jukebox charges a .25 per play. We take our quarter serious here at the Gulf Coast Cowboy hacienda so we spent meticulous minutes scanning the record files (actually the mp3 files) to find the 13 songs we wish to hear while imbibing on adult beverages.

We keep this show between the nautical beacons and recommend you do the same. Have fun and enjoy our favorite drinking songs. Drop me a line at [email protected] and let me know if we missed one you love.

Track Listing

  1. Toes – Zac Brown Band
  2. Rum and Somethin’ – Donny Brewer
  3. Una Mas Cerveza – Tommy Alverson
  4. Drunk On Mallory Square – Dani Hoy
  5. Another Margarita Morning  – Cory Young
  6. Boat Drinks – Jimmy Buffett
  7. Drinking and Driving Me Crazy – Erica Sunshine Lee
  8. Beer Drinkers and Sail Raisers – Hanna’s Reef
  9. Six Pack And A Tan – Howard Livingston & The Mile Marker 24 Band
  10. I Got Drunk At The Office Christmas Party – Brent Burns
  11. Beer, Buffett, And Baseball – The Boat Drunks
  12. Pretty Good At Drinkin’ Beer – Billy Currington
  13. Margaritaville – Alan Jackson & Jimmy Buffett

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