Hour of Hope

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Hour of Hope: July 31, 2021

Jackson Markert is a 13 year old young man from Waxahachie fighting cancer. This is his story and journey. Erik Bernard hos next door neighbor

Hour of Hope: July 17, 2021

Leslie Averitt Dean the Executive Director of the Ellis County Children’s advocacy center talks to us about the purpose of the Organization and exciting fund

Hour of Hope: May 29, 2021

How do you deal with suicide? How do you deal with it when it is your father and the funeral expenses come at a time

Hour of Hope: April 24, 2021

Listen to the Hour of Hope with Andy Reynolds –Theater Arts teacher for Waxahachie and Kaden Maines Theater Arts teacher for Blooming Grove, both going

Hour of Hope: Tulipolooza

The first episode of our 2-part Hour of Hope on Tulipalooza! Our special guests are Micheal Poston and Rosie Reichenstein, marketing director for Daymark. About