Join us on Thursday,  October 28th at 7 pm to hear this week’s Live In Texas album. This week’s Rawktober 2021’s third installment will be Best Of The Doobie Brothers – Live.

Track Listing

  1. Jesus Is Just Alright
  2. Rockin’ Down the Highway
  3. What a Fool Believes
  4. South City Midnight Lady
  5. The Doctor Tom
  6. Neal’s Fandango
  7. Minute by Minute
  8. China Grove
  9. Dependin’ on You
  10. Slack Key Sequel Rag
  11. Black Water
  12. Long Train Runnin’
  13. Listen to the Music
  14. Without You


Allmusic Review

The Best of the Doobie Brothers Live distills the 1996 double-disc set Rockin’ Down the Highway into a budget-priced single disc. Rockin’ Down the Highway was culled from three 1996 concerts, all of which featured all three of the band’s lead vocalists: Tom Johnston, Patrick Simmons, and Michael McDonald. Where that set contained a bunch of fan favorites, this pretty much concentrates on the hits (“Jesus Is Just Alright” through “What a Fool Believes” through “The Doctor”), adding “Without You,” which didn’t appear on the previous set. It’s a fairly entertaining nostalgia trip but it’s not essential. In fact, it’s hard to know who it’s for: hardcore fans will want the complete set, while casual fans will rather pick up a hits collection. Either way, this isn’t a bad listen, it’s just not very memorable.

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