Celebrating the 49th anniversary of “Take It Easy” hitting the Billboard Hot 100, it’s another LIT fan-favorite- Eagles – Hell Freezes Over

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AllMusic Review by William Ruhlmann  [-]

The Eagles‘ first newly recorded album in 14 years gets off to a good start with the rocker “Get Over It,” a timely piece of advice about accepting responsibility, followed by the tender ballad “Love Will Keep Us Alive,” the country-styled “The Girl from Yesterday,” and “Learn to Be Still,” one of Don Henley‘s more thoughtful statements. Unfortunately, that’s the extent of the album’s new material. Essentially, Hell Freezes Over contains an EP’s worth of new material followed by a live album. The Eagles, known for meticulously re-creating their studio recordings in concert, nevertheless released an earlier concert recording, Eagles Live, in 1980. Six songs from that set reappear here, and only one is in a noticeably different arrangement, with “Hotel California” receiving the acoustic treatment. As was true on Eagles Live, the group remains most interested in their later material, redoing five songs from the Hotel California LP and two from its follow-up, The Long Run, but finding space for only three songs from their early days: “Tequila Sunrise,” “Take It Easy,” and “Desperado,” the last two of which were also on Eagles Live. As such, Hell Freezes Over is hard to justify as anything other than a souvenir for the Eagles’ reunion tour. That, however, did not keep it from topping the charts and selling in the millions.

Track Listing
  1. Get Over It – Glenn Frey / Don Henley
  2. Love Will Keep Us Alive – Jim Capaldi / Paul Carrack / Peter Vale
  3. The Girl From Yesterday – Glenn Frey / Jack Tempchin
  4. Learn to Be Still – Don Henley / Stan Lynch
  5. Tequila Sunrise – Glenn Frey / Don Henley
  6. Hotel California – Don Felder / Glenn Frey / Don Henley
  7. Wasted Time – Glenn Frey / Don Henley
  8. Pretty Maids All in a Row – Joe Vitale / Joe Walsh
  9. I Can’t Tell You Why – Glenn Frey / Don Henley / Timothy B. Schmit
  10. New York Minute – Don Henley / Danny Kortchmar / Jai Winding
  11. The Last Resort – Glenn Frey / Don Henley
  12. Take It Easy – Jackson Browne / Glenn Frey
  13. In the City – Barry De Vorzon / Joe Walsh
  14. Life in the Fast Lane – Glenn Frey / Don Henley / Joe Walsh
  15. Desperado – Glenn Frey / Don Henley
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