Join us on Thursday, May 17th at 7pm to hear this week’s Live In Texas album. This weeks album is Jerry Jeff Walker – Live from Gruene Hall!


Track Listing

  1. Lovin’ Makes Livin’ Worthwhile 
  2. Pickup Truck Song
  3. Long, Long Time
  4. I Feel like Hank Williams Tonight
  5. Man With the Big Hat
  6. Quiet Faith of Man
  7. Little Bird
  8. Woman in Texas
  9. Rodeo Wind
  10. Trashy Women


AllMusic Review by Thom Owens

Live from Gruene Hall is an excellent return to form from Jerry Jeff Walker. Running through a selection of new songs, Walker is accompanied by a tight version of the Lost Gonzo Band, who help turn these performances into little gems. The hit singles “I Feel Like Hank Williams Tonight,” “The Pickup Song” and “Trashy Women” only are the tip of the iceberg. It’s may be a live album, but Live from Gruene Hall is arguably one of the best records Walker ever made. Of special note is a brief vocal cameo by Willie Nelson.



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