Johnny Cash double-header this week with two new albums to the program

The Johnny Cash Show-

and Johnny Cash – Pa Osteraker

Although this performance at Sweden’s Österåker Prison isn’t as timeless or integral to the Johnny Cash catalog as At Folsom Prison and At San Quentin, it still delivers an agreeable set list of standards and ’70s-era rarities. Carl Perkins plays on every track, having joined Cash’s entourage during the onset of The Johnny Cash Show several years prior, and the veteran band sounds tight and assured on songs like “Me and Bobby McGee” and “Lookin’ Back in Anger” (a track written by former Folsom Prison inmate Glen Sherley). Cash fanatics won’t want to pass this one up, but casual fans might be happier with one of the Man in Black’s better-known prison recordings.

The Johnny Cash Show

  1. Sunday Morning Coming Down
  2. Come Along and Ride This Train
  3. Six Days on the Road
  4. There Ain’t No Easy Run
  5. Sailor and The Concrete Sea
  6. These Hands
  7. I’m Gonna Try to Be That Way
  8. Mississippi Delta Land
  9. Detroit City
  10. Uncloudy Day
  11. No Setting Sun
  12. Here Was a Man

Swedens Osteraker Prison

  1. I Walk the Line
  2. A Boy Names Sue
  3. Sunday Morning Coming Down
  4. Österåker (San Quentin)
  5. Me and Bobby McGee
  6. Orleans Parish Prison
  7. Jacob Green
  8. Life of a Prisoner
  9. The Prisoners Song
  10. Folsom Prison Blues
  11.  City Jail
  12. Help Me Make It Through the Night
  13. That Silver Haired Daddy of Mine
  14. The Invertebraes (Poem)
  15. Lookin’ Back in Anger
  16. I Saw a Man
  17. High Heel Sneakers
  18. Blue Suede Shoes
  19. Dirty Old Egg Suckin’ Dog
  20. Wreck of the Old ’97
  21. I Promise You
  22. Nobody Cared

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