This week’s LIT is a classic Kevin Fowler performance at Billy Bob’s.


Track Listing

  1. 100% Texan
  2. Butterbean
  3. There’s a Fool Born Everyday
  4. If These Old Walls Could Talk
  5. Ball and Chain
  6. The Lord Loves the Drinkin’ Man
  7. High on the Hog
  8. Not Lovin’ Anymore
  9. Speak of the Devil
  10. Tall Drink of Water
  11. J.O.B.
  12. Penny for Your Thoughts
  13. (le Anybody Going To) San Antone
  14. True Love
  15. All the Tequila In Tijuana
  16. Read Between the Linea
  17. Beer, Bait and Ammo

Video Preview