Join us on Thursday, March 8th at 7pm to hear this week’s album we will be honoring the Legendary Red Dirt performer Brandon Jenkins. He passed away on Friday, March 2, after complications from heart surgery, so we will be playing his “Live At The Blue Door” album on Thursday.

Track Listing 

  1. Gideon’s Bible 
  2. Like You Did
  3. Government Housing Lot
  4. Ghost of Jesse James
  5. Follow Through
  6. Faded
  7. Send Down an Angel
  8. This Ol’ Like
  9. I won’t Make you Lie
  10. All for Love
  11. Sad But True
  12. You’re Gonna Leave Me Someday
  13. Here Forever in My Life
  14. Big Legend Woman
  15. Sand Springs Line Review by Jason MacNeil

Recorded live in a Southern coffeehouse, this album defines much of the Oklahoman’s niche and assets — a great voice, strong narratives and a basic finger-picking guitar style captivating the listener. Jenkins wastes no time during the early performance, starting with Gideon’s Bible before moving into more rock/pop oriented tunes such as Government Housing Lot, which could perhaps be improved with a complete supporting cast. The voice evokes images of elder country outlaws such as the late Waylon Jennings and David Allen Coe while painting simple Americana vignettes. The slower tempos of Follow Through, co-written with Scott Hutchison, emit a very down-home, cozy feeling. What is absent is the between song banter, a common occurrence and often a double-edged sword depending on the story. Letting the music speak for itself, only on All For Love does the singer opt for a blues arrangement and the result is less than stellar. The two high points transpire during the honky-tonk of You’re Gonna Leave Me Someday and also the hymnal quality to Send Down An Angel, both displaying Jenkins at his finest.

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