This week (12/2) is Robert Earl Keen – No. 2 Live Dinner

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No. 2 Live Dinner Review

by Michael McCall

Robert Earl Keen, Jr. is a Texan who did not take the express lane to the radio airwaves. Instead, he spent more than a decade seasoning his talent while entertaining folks in the — yep, you guessed it — friendly honky tonks of Texas, where music fans tend to like individualists with plenty of personality. No. 2 Live Dinner finished off a consistently powerful string of albums recorded for Sugar Hill Records. Taped in front of rowdy, beer-swilling crowds in two Texas towns, Keen bears his good-natured raspiness into songs of desperation, danger, and raucous humor. A contemporary of Steve EarleLyle Lovett, and Nanci GriffithKeen‘s work has been as consistent and occasionally as strong as that of his friends. It’s taken him longer to gain a national profile, but it’s coming at a deserving time. For those unfamiliar with him, this live album will convey how well he’s loved in his home state. Listen closely, and the songs will explain why, too.

Track Listing

  1. Intro
  2. I’m Going to Town – Robert Earl Keen / Fred Koller
  3. Gringo Honeymoon – Robert Earl Keen
  4. Merry Christmas from the Far – Robert Earl Keen
  5. Five Pound Bass – Robert Earl Keen
  6. Band Intro
  7. Rollin’ By – Robert Earl Keen
  8. Sonora’s Death Row – Kevin Blackie Farrell
  9. When the Bluebonnets Bloom – Robert Earl Keen / Fred Koller
  10. Thing It Over One Time – Robert Earl Keen
  11. Amarillo Highway – Terry Allen
  12. The Road Intro
  13. The Road Goes on Forever – Robert Earl Keen
  14. Dreadful Selfish Crime –  Robert Earl Keen

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