Join us on Thursday,  November 11th at 7 pm to hear this week’s Live In Texas album. This week’s ZZ Top – Live From Texas.

Track Listing

  1. Got Me Under Pressure
  2. Waitin’ for the Bus
  3. Jesus Just Left Chicago
  4. I’m Bad, I’m Nationwide
  5. Cheap Sunglasses
  6. Pearl Necklace
  7. Just Got Paid
  8. Rough Boy
  9. Blues Intro
  10. Blue Jean Blues
  11. Gimme All Your Lovin’
  12. Sharp Dressed Man
  13. Legs
  14. Tube Snake Boogie
  15. La Grange
  16. Tush


Allmusic Review

A CD accompaniment to the Eagle Rock live DVD release of ZZ Top’s November 1, 2007 set at the Nokia Theater in Grand Prairie, TX, Live from Texas is one for the fans — a latter-day live record that’s by no means embarrassing but not very captivating, either. The set list is hits-heavy, containing every one of the MTV hits from Eliminator and all the classic rock radio staples, all taken just a little bit slower than they were on record. That combined with the crystal clear production makes the band seem just a little bit sluggish at times, but they can still churn out a boogie — “Sharp Dressed Man” in particular cooks — and Billy Gibbons’ guitar still snarls as much as his voice growls, which is enough to make this worth a listen for longtime fans.

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