Tune in to KBEC on Thursday, September 22nd at 7pm to hear the entire Eddie Raven – Live at Billy Bob’s record!

Track Listing0001125812

  1. I Could Use Another You
  2. Shine, Shine, Shine
  3. In a Letter To You
  4. Sooner or Later
  5. Joe Knows How to Live
  6. Right Hand Man
  7. I Got Mexico
  8. Till You Cry
  9. I’m Gonna Get You
  10. We Robbed Trains
  11. Thank God for Kids
  12. A Little Bit Crazy
  13. Heart On The Line (Operator, Operator)
  14. Medley: I Should Have Called/Who Do You Know In California
  15. Island
  16. Sometimes a Lady
  17. I Wanna Hear It From You
  18. Bayou Boys

Here’s what Allmusic.com has to say about this release!

While it’s been far too long since a new Eddy Raven studio LP, Live at Billy Bob’s Texas is an excellent showcase — without any glossy Nashville-style production, his music returns to its raw, rock & roll-influenced roots, lending an edge to hits like “I Got Mexico” and “Bayou Boys” that the originals lacked.
– Hank Small

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