Join us on Thursday, February 8th at 7pm to hear this week’s album  Temptations – Live At The Copa. Founding/last surviving original member Otis Williams was born in Texarkana, TX. Dennis Edwards, who was with the group from 1967-84 passed last Thursday.

Track Listing

  1. Group Introduction #1
  2. Get Ready
  3. You’re My Everything
  4. I Truly Truly Believe
  5. I wish It Would Rain
  6. For Once in My Life
  7. I could Never Love Another(After Loving You)
  8. Group Introduction #2
  9. Hello Young Lovers
  10. With These Hands
  11. Swanee
  12. The Impossible
  13. Please Return Your Love to Me
  14. (I Know) I’m Loosing You Review by Stephen Andrew Hamilton

David Ruffin is history as a Temptation, and his replacement Dennis Edwards shows his stuff on this live recording of a Copacabana performance. This is on a par with their previous live album, The Temptations Live. They successfully combine their hits with songs from the In a Mellow Mood LP, making for an entertaining, well-rounded set. Eddie Kendricks was never in finer voice than here, emoting and pleading on “Please Return Your Love to Me,” while showing his ability to sing standards on “With These Hands.” Edwards’ rendition of “The Impossible Dream” is appealing to even the most die-hard fans of soul music. You can almost see Paul Williams sweating as he reaches for the notes and belts out the theme from Man of La Mancha; he also treats the crowd to his popular version of “For Once in My Life.” Bass singer Melvin Franklin gets a rare lead and sings his crowd-pleasing “I Truly Believe,” the popular flip side of “I Wish It Would Rain.” Otis Williams handles the introductions, but the roar comes when Edwards take the lead with his powerful, churchy voice. He makes “I Could Never Love Another (After Loving You)” his own; you completely forget David Ruffin’s original version. A powerful statement from the Temptations.

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