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Some Formatting Changes

Information comes at us in so many different formats today. You can listen to your radio online or via an APP or you can simply turn on the old radio. Any and every format is at your fingertips. So how does a radio station make a difference in your life?

We took that task to heart at KBEC and decided to adopt the “Content is King” mantra. In 2017 we introduced Texas facts anddelivered those to you throughout the midday at 40 minutes after the hour. These fun facts are intended to enlighten, humor and provide insight into our “Classic Texas Music” format.

The next step in this evolution of content is to provide you “liner notes” on our top 100 songs. The ultimate goal is to expand this to 500 or who knows maybe even 1,000 songs. We decided to walk first though and see if you, our listener and most prized asset like the idea.

You will hear 5 or 6 different introductions to the song with unique content about the artist, musicians playing on the song, where it was recorded or maybe just some basic “crazy” historical fact. These will be randomly played in front of our top “100” songs for now.

Please let us know if you find this fun and informative. We also take the good with the bad so if it is annoying let me know that too. Please send your comments to [email protected].

A always thanks for listening and we love to hear your feedback. It’s your station and we simply want to make it better.


Jim Phillips


Hometown Radio KBEC
Hometown Radio KBEC
Some Formatting Changes