Gulf Coast Cowboy Hour January 18th Playlist

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It's that time again! Time for another Gulf Coast Cowboy Hour break, that is.

This week's playlist is as follows:

  1. Stars on the Water / George Strait
  2. Jamaicanmecrazi / Brent Burns
  3. Better Days Ahead of Me / Don Middlebrook and Living Soul
  4. Fly Fly Away / Don Middlebrook and Living Soul
  5. I Stole Jimmy Buffett's TV Guide / Don Middlebrook and Living Soul
  6. She's Like Texas / Josh Abbot Band
  7. Redfish Island / Kelly McGuire
  8. Gulf Coast Highway / Nanci Griffith & Mac McAnally
  9. Beer Drinkers and Sail Raisers / Jerry Diaz & Hanna's Reef
  10. Knee Deep / Zac Brown Band featuring Jimmy Buffett
  11. An American Dream / Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
  12. Thank You (My Buffett Tune) / Mike Aiken
  13. Meet Me in Corpus / Larry Joe Taylor

The Pride of Poteet, Texas, has set a standard that will be hard to beat with 60 #1 country songs.  With 68.5 million records sold in the US alone, George Strait is the first artist in US Billboard magazine history to have at least one single enter the Top 10 of any given Billboard Chart for 30 consecutive years.  "Stars on the Water" was released on his 2003 Live at the Astrodome CD.

As he is our featured artist for next week on the Gulf Coast Cowboy Hour, we thought we would tease you with one of our favorite Brent Burns songs from his 2003 Tropical Nuts album.  Released on the Sandspur record label, "Jamaicanmecrazi" has become a fan favorite over the last eight weeks of the show and is back due to a request by Steve from Ferris, Texas.  We love to play our listeners requests and will always take them at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .  Brent has been voted Trop Rock Artist of the Year for 2011 and 2008, and has won numerous other awards.  We'll give him all his props next week and bring you a LIVE call-in from the man himself!  Be sure to listen in Wednesday, January 25th, at 7 PM to hear it!

Don Middlebrook was picked as our artist of the week due to two of our favorite CDs, Talespin (2008) and Welcome to the Planet (2007).  Together, they give us the foundation for tonight's theme as well as three great songs.  You can check out our take on Don here.

When your 25-year-old daughter tells you to listen to a ballad from a Texas artist you might think twice, but but after listening to "She's Like Texas" I think she steered me in the right direction.  Formed in 2006 out of Lubbock, Texas, and Texas Tech University, the Josh Abbot Band are following in the footsteps of the likes of Pat Green, Wade Bowen, and Cory Morrow with their own distinctive vocals and unique electric banjo sound.

A regular now on the Gulf Coast Cowboy Hour, Kelly McGuire is from Clear Lake, Texas.  He is an original artist who got us thinking about all the great Gulf Coast musicians and sings about the lifestyle we all want to emulate.  "Redfish Island" is a place we can all strive to get to in this lifetime.

"Gulf Coast Highway" is a song we've had requested to bring back since we first played it back in November 2011.  Apologies to all our listeners for taking so long to get it back on!

The Jerry Diaz & Hanna's Reef Deja View CD is one of our favorites here at the KBEC Studio.  The song "Beer Drinkers and Sail Raisers" teaches us why we should all still like to eat "Chips Ahoy"...  dreams about sailing away...

Almost as much of a staple as Jimmy Buffet for the Gulf Coast Cowboy crowd, the Zac Brown Band just seems to have the sound that gets everyone up into that conga line or ponying up to the closest bar.

Call us slow, call us hard-headed, but never call us unwilling!  You request it and we play it!  For Pete in Midlothian, for the Thompson family in Santa Cruz, California, and for the other four people who e-mailed in requesting this song (sorry folks, we lost your name and addresses!), here at last is the song you've requested so passionately: "An American Dream" by the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band.

So by now have you picked up on the themes and directions we tend to take each Gulf Coast Cowboy Hour show?  The formula is pretty simple: three parts sand, one part palm tree, two pretty bikini-clad ladies, a couple of adult beverages, and at least one song that parodies Jimmy Buffett and his lifestyle.  Tonight's entry is "Thank You" from Mike Aiken's CD Getaway.

Coastal and Western is another great CD that has disappeared around the KBEC Studio for days on end.  Larry Joe Taylor and his unique Stephenville, Texas, sound have found a regular spot on the Gulf Coast Cowboy "Island and Beach Party" Hour.  As long as we can find the missing music, we'll find ways to take you to "Meet Me in Corpus".