Biography: Casey Donahew

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If you haven't heard the Casey Donahew Band, now's the time to change that!


Donahew was born in 1977.


With Burleson, TX, native Casey Donahew at the helm, these guys are one of Texas's most popular up-and-coming acts.  As a young man, Donahew grew up around the Ft. Worth rodeo scene.  Although he was given a guitar at an early age, he did not start leaning how to play it until he was well into college at Texas A&M University.  He credits some of his biggest influences as Garth Brooks and Pat Green - their wild live performances, as well as their songwriting abilities, really made an impression on him as a young musician.  He eventually moved to Arlington to finish school and began immersing himself in the then-burgeoning Red Dirt scene.  Getting the itch to perform himself, he started playing regularly at bars like the Thirsty Armadillo in Ft. Worth.  It wasn't long before he started selling out larger venues in the Dallas / Ft. Worth area and by this time the Casey Donahew Band was a reality.


Double-Wide Dream (2011) reached #8 on the US Indie Charts.


The first album would be released independently.  Called Lost Days, the album would sell well enough locally that it caught the eye of staff at Billy Bob's Texas, who would invite the band to play at their world-famous venue.  A self-titled CD would be released in 2006, once again independently.  There would be one more independent album to be released, the 2008 live album Raw - Real in the Ville, before the band would officially sign to Almost Record Entertainment.  With a label behind the underground sensation, their 2009 album Moving On jumped to the top of the charts at #28 on the Billboard US Country and #126 on the Top 200 Charts.  The boy from Burleson and his band had start to make it to the big time.


"Once you get your heart broken for the first time, you've got a lot to say, I guess."


The latest album, Double-Wide Dream, was released in late 2011.  So far it has blown away the band's previous charting records at #10 on the US Country and #32 on the Top 100 Charts.  The Casey Donahew band is currently touring across Texas and the American South.  Don't forget to visit their homepage here.



(2006) Lost Days

(2006) Casey Donahew Band

(2009) Moving On - #28

(2011) Double-Wide Dream - #10