Gulf Coast Cowboy Hour June 4th Playlist

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It's Wednesday! Let's take a little break and relax.




Welcome to the Gulf Coast Cowboy Hour!  Our playlist this week is:

  1. Don't It Make You Wander / Mark Mulligan
  2. Guitars and Tiki Bars / Kenny Chesney
  3. Jamaicanmecrazi / Brent Burns
  4. Parrothead for the Day / Cedar Island Band
  5. Well Wasted Time / Don Middlebrook
  6. Southern Cross / Eric Stone
  7. Little Bit Is Better Than Nada / Texas Tornadoes
  8. When the Tourists Go / Trop Rock Junkies
  9. Sand In Her Shoes / Thom Shepherd
  10. Nowhere But Texas / Steve Helms Band
  11. Backroads of Texas / the Bois d'Arcs

Mark Mulligan is always a great artist to start our show off with.  "Don't It Make You Wander" is on the 2005 Journey Around the Sun CD.

"Guitars and Tiki Bars" is a Kenny Chesney song that could have been written specifically for the Gulf Coast Cowboy Hour.  You can find it on another 2005 album, Be As You Are.

Next we will be hearing a song from one of our favorite artists, Brent Burns!  The 2003 Tropical Nuts album is the original home of "Jamaicanmecrazi".



The Iowa-based Cedar Island Band is proof that you can Trop Rock anywhere there is a coast line - and in some cases even where there isn't!  "Parrothead for a Day" is a track from their debut album, Island Time.

"Well Wasted Time" is a Don Middlebrook song from his Talespin album.  If you can't tell that we love this guy by now, you're not paying attention!

By popular demand, here is the Eric Stone cover of the Crosby, Stills, and Nash hit "Southern Cross".

Another song we get a lot of requests for is "Little Bit Is Better Than Nada" by the Texas Tornadoes.  Check out the 4 Aces album if you like this song as much as we do!



"When the Tourists Go" is a new song in our line up.   The Trop Rock Junkies released this song on their 2010 Live at the Hideaway Cafe.

Here is a Thom Shepherd song we've had the pleasure of playing a few times on our show: "Sand In Her Shoes".  You can find it on the appropriately named Tropicalifragilisticexpialidocious album.



"Nowhere But Texas" is from a local band called the Steve Helms Band.  These guys are based out of Cleburne, Texas, and we encourage all of our listeners to go see them live if you have a chance.

Closing out the show this week is a song by a band that's based not too far from our Gulf Coast headquarters.  The Bois d'Arcs are out of Muenster, Texas, and you can find "Backroads of Texas" on their self-titled album.