Gulf Coast Cowboy: May 7

Welcome back to the Gulf Coast Cowboy! This week, we've got a special guest! Todd Sparks will be joining us in the studio for a live interview. He'll be discussing his new record, Party In Paradise, along with any other trop-rock related questions we can come up with. Visit his website at and buy his new record! Tune in to KBEC at 7pm on Wednesday, May 5 to hear the interview and some great tunes to help you through the rest of the week.



Track Listing

1. Skeletons On The Beach - James White

2. Party In Paradise - Todd Sparks

3. Sunshine Anthem - Todd Sparks

4. Tip Toe Out Of Texas - Todd Sparks

5. Back To The Islands - Steve Tolliver

6. Air Sunshine - Jambo Joe Bones

7. Top Down and Ridin' Around - Brent Burns

8. Sittin' Here - Charlie Imes

9. Barstools and Beach Chairs - Cedar Island Band

10. Woman Going Crazy (Live) - Jimmy Buffett

11. Key West Hooky - Tiki Thom

12. TropiGal - Dani Hoy

13. Tropical Vacation - Dennis McCaughey and Tropical Soul

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